Everything You Need to Know About Using Propecia for Hair Loss

Loss of hair is definitely the most difficult thing to experience, and a lot of people look for solutions that would make them able to cope with this phenomenon. As an example, we have Propecia, a drug which has been approved by FDA to help men with treating the Male pattern baldness. This article provides a clear view of how to cope with hair loss by using Propecia. It includes the working principles of Propecia, effectiveness assessments, possible side effects, and other information.

What is Propecia?

Propecia, otherwise called finasteride, is a remedy for oral use that impedes the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which contributes to hair follicle shrinkage and the ultimate stop of hair production. Propecia may be able to induce the blockage of the production of DHT, thus preventing the progression and facilitating a reversal of hair loss and even hair growth.

Who Is a Good Candidate According to Propecia?

Unlike minoxidil that is approved for use in men and women, propecia is only approved for males that experience male pattern baldness. It should be mentioned that Propecia works for not every patient, and is not provide a cure for hair loss. The usage may be tough and can take several months before there is a noticeable outcome. Even after that sometimes there can be different results from person to person.

How to Take Propecia?

Propecia is a prescription drug and also it is generally administered once per day which is after or without having food. It is necessary to strictly follow your doctor’s prescription of using Propecia once a day, as doing the opposite such as taking more than the recommended dose or taking it continuously for a longer time than recommended can increase the chance of suffering from the side effects.
Effectiveness of Propecia

A report has positively shown that Propecia can act as an effective drug against people’s hair loss. 2-year treatment with Propecia led to 83% faster hair growth in comparison to placebo — the latter form of treatment showed the effect in 28% of the cases.

Potential Side Effects

One of the medications that way too can lead to people’s subsequent adverse effects (similar to many other drugs) is Propecia. The effects are more likely to be experienced by those who experience sleep disturbances together with a decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction and reduced semen volume. Prescription drugs induce side effects that are usually common and tolerable such that they dissipate slowly as soon as one decides to stop using the drugs. Nevertheless, the organization pointed out that a significant number of patients made these statements about the effects of the drug, which caused depression and sometimes even suicide.

Precautions and Warnings

Men and children are not the target market for Propecia, as exposure to it during the gestation period could lead to side effects in males in future generations. Meanwhile, you need to inform your physician about all the over-the-counter drugs you will be using along with the Propecia treatment, as there may be an interaction between Propecia and the other medicines. On the contrary, those people taking Propecia who can’t stand finasteride will be cancelled.

Alternatives to Propecia

There are several options to choose from to treat weakened hair and hair loss: topical treatments, hair transplants, and natural remedies comprising saw palmetto and medical supplements with biotin. Talking to your doctor regarding all the given options is of great importance and lets you decide by yourself your type of treatment.


Propecia proves that baldness in male pattern is curable but it takes more than just soap to cope with the problem. It is a important that people who use Propecia should be careful taking the side effects into consideration as well as the benefits, prior to taking the treatment seriously. Paying attention to every instruction from your healthcare provider is the first step to success. You also need to inform them on the side effects experienced.

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