Bumps After Hair Transplant

One of the side effects of hair transplant is the showing of pimples along with itching and redness in the area. Pimples or bumps may also emerge on the scalp 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery. Bumps that happen in the transplanted area are very common and you should not worry about them because they are a part of the recovery process. Pimples after hair transplant can happen for several reasons. When a pimple happens it should not be left alone and should be treated correctly.

Why Do Bumps Occur after Hair Transplant?

There are several reasons why pimples happen after hair transplantation. Some maybe related to the surgery and others maybe because of the patient’s failure to follow the after care instructions. The bumps form once transplanted hair starts to grow. It happens because of the follicles not being removed during the transplantation process and when the hair follicle stays in the skin. The oversupply of sebum is also one of the reasons why pimples from after hair transplantation.

Types of pimples after hair transplantation

Folliculitis-Inflammation of the follicle: bumps with bacterial build up from after not keeping the area clean after the operation. This type of pimples is dangerous and should be examined by an expert as soon as it is observed.

Dermoid cysts: this kind is not very common but it can harm the hair growth process that is why it is important to see a health professional when you see these kind of bumps.

Ingrown Hair: After hair transplant transplanted hair follicles may have trouble growing from the the epidermis. In this case the hair is not able to reach the surface of the skin and continues to grow inwardly. Ingrown hair causes irritation and pimples

Using antibiotics maybe required to treat pimple after a hair transplant maybe required, you should consult with your doctor and discuss wether you should use antibiotics or not.

In conclusion, bumps after a hair transplant surgery are very common and are not risky. With the right treatment and following the post surgery instructions you can get rid of these pimples easily.

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