Preparation of the recipient area in hair transplant

In hair transplantation, the process of preparing the area where hair grafts will be placed is known as recipient site creation. This step is crucial to the success of a hair transplant because it directly impacts the final density and natural appearance of the transplanted hair.

To ensure optimal results, it is important to ensure that the recipient sites are compatible with the length and diameter of the hair follicles being transplanted. If the recipient site and hair follicles are not a good match, the transplanted hair may not look natural and may struggle to take root and grow.

Additionally, the angle of the recipient site is also important. For the hair follicles to take hold and grow in the recipient site, the site must be created at a right angle. This helps to determine the growth direction of the transplanted hair. Ideally, the angle of the recipient sites should be determined in advance and all hair follicles should be placed accordingly. However, if a right angle cannot be determined, the hair may grow in an unnatural upright or upward direction, making it harder for the hair follicles to take hold.

It’s worth noting that the angle of recipient site may vary on the area where it is placed. For instance, at the front hairline, a 30-35 degree angle is required, whereas at the nape area, a 45-degree recipient site creation is performed.

If you have any questions about recipient site creation or other aspects of hair transplantation, you can reach out to our Estevitalya Team at our Antalya Hair Transplantation Clinic. We can advise you on how best to prepare the recipient area for a hair transplant and address any other concerns you may have.

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