Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is a variation of the traditional FUE method the only difference is that grafts are taken from the donor area with the help of a robot. Thanks to the 3D technology used in this method the preciseness of the graft extraction is increased Robotic hair transplant is used in the USA, UK Japan and is also used in Turkey in limited clinics. During robotic hair transplantation, the technique is applied with 3D technology this way the hair follicles can be seen more closely this way faster planting becomes possible. And compared to other methods robotic hair transplant is less invasive to the donor area.


How is this hair transplant method applied?


The device used during this operation is a computer system with a mechanical arm, a monitor and a piercing mechanism to collect the grafts. This method is applied in 5 different stages:


1- Scalp Photographing

Before the robotic hair transplant application photos of the patient are taken. In order for the photos of the head to be 3D it is essential to take photos from every angle.


2- Donor Area Determination

After examining the head in a 3D environment on the computer, the number of grafts needed is determined and then the area where the grafts are going to be extracted from is decided.


3- Graft Collecting

After deciding the donor area the direction of the grafts is determined and the robot starts extracting the grafts from the donor area at the appropriate angle. The robot collects the grafts with a double chamber needle.


4- Channel Opening

After collecting the required number of grafts the channels in the balding area are opened as in the classical FUE method the channels in robotic hair transplant are opened manually.


5- Graft Implantation

The grafts collected by the robotic device are placed in the manually opened hair channels at the right angle. This is the last stage of the robotic hair transplant operation so after hair implantation is finished the hair transplant is officially over.


The Advantages of Robotic Hair Transplant


1- Natural Results

Thanks to the robotic hair transplant method natural hair transplant results are possible. This technology allows a more precise graft extraction and it does not leave a linear scar, unlike the FUT method.


2- Comfortable and Safe Treatment

Thanks to the local anaesthesia patients do not feel any pain during the surgery. Some patients experience mild swelling and discomfort after the surgery but this will go away easily in a few days after the operation.

The surgery takes 4 to 8 hours and the patient is monitored the whole time to ensure that the operation is painless. It is a less invasive technique and it does not require hospitalization.


3- Gradual improvements

The new grafts will start growing right after the operation. Most patients observe great results in 6 months after the operation. Full results are usually observed one year after the operation.

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