Hair Care After Hair Transplant Surgery

How to take care of your hair after hair transplant surgery?

Hair Care should be taken after hair transplant surgery to avoid any potential problems. The the main reasons why you should take care of your hair after the surgery are; 

-Cleaning some discharges caused by post-sowing wounds in the operated area, 

-Providing the substances that the scalp needs,

-Maintaining the natural balance of the hair and scalp and achieving healthier hair.

One day after hair transplant, the bandage should be removed in the nape area and the transplanted area should be checked.

The following points are very important to pay attention to when taking care of newly transplanted hair;

1) Hair should be washed 3 days after the operation.

2) Hair should be washed with special shampoos and lotions recommended by your doctor. Afterwards, it should be washed once or twice a day for 7 days. 

3) Lotions or creams recommended by your doctor should be applied carefully after washing.

4) Hair dryer should not be used for the first 5 days, after that with the recommendation of the doctor, the option of blowing cold air can be used.

5) About 10 days after hair transplantation, the scabs on the scalp disappear. Afterwards, you can wash your hair with your own shampoo and according to your own hair washing routine.

6) It will be healthier to dry your hair naturally after washing it. And it is recommended to comb your hair at least 2 weeks after hair transplantation.

7) In the first 3 days after hair transplantation, You must protect your hair from dust and dirt. You can use a hat for this.

8) Do not use styling sprays and gels on your hair after the surgery.

9) To protect your hair, it is recommended not to go to places such as swimming pools, spas and saunas for 30 days.

10) After hair transplantation, stress, panic and anxiety should be avoided. Our hair follicles are sensitive and are also affected by our psychological state.

11) After hair transplantation, heavy work or situations that require force should be avoided. Because when the body sweats, the scalp also sweats, which directly affects the hair follicles negatively.

12) You should sleep on your back for the first 10 days after hair transplantation. 

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