Hair Strength

Hair always had a social significance for people. With this, it is also accepted among people that hair has physical strength. In ancient times, people thought that hair gave a masculine power. There were even opinions that bald men could be sterile. People used to associate strength with hair. For this reason, long hair was always preferred by men in ancient civilizations.
They attributed the hair loss to the fact that the man was not strong and had no willpower. For this reason, men with thick hair were preferred.
In addition to this physical strength of hair, its biological importance is also quite high. This protein called keratin, found at the bottom of our hair, is formed by the combination of dead skin cells. This protein is very important for your hair. Provides healthy hair growth. Since most people do not have enough, it has become important to have keratin treatment. How much more keratin there is, the faster and healthier the hair will grow. Having thick hair and fast hair growth is also very important from a biological point of view. Because the hair on our head prevents the scalp from being exposed to direct sunlight. This helps protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
At the same time, the hair also provides air to enter the hair roots and scalp. Thus, while the air circulates in the scalp, it protects the scalp from excessive heat compared to the ambient temperature. In this way, it traps body heat to the roots of the hair and provides the body’s heat balance.
Hair also gives information about our blood. If there are heavy chemicals in the blood, such as lead or mercury. Because hair has a tendency to hold heavy chemicals. In addition, our hair is directly related to our behavior, as it stimulates the neurons responsible for transmitting messages in our body.

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