What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation, so it is very important to prepare in advance. The doctor who performs the hair transplant is also important in order for the hair transplant operation to go smoothly and for the recovery process to proceed smoothly. It is not possible to encounter unexpected results in a hair transplant operation carefully performed by an experienced doctor. For this, you can first contact our Hair Transplantation Clinic doctor at Estevitalya and get more information.

The information about which technique will be used for hair transplantation is given to the patient. If information about the technique is obtained beforehand, the operation can be performed without any problems. 

Although the operation is important, it is also important that you do not stress before or after the operation. The patient’s psychological state also affects the hair transplant operation success. However, if all the necessary information is obtained beforehand, it will be a healthier process as your stress will decrease.

Since hair transplantation operation is of great importance, your medical history should be given to the doctor before the surgery. If you have any chronic disease, allergy or if you use any drugs regularly, these should be reported to the doctor.

Things to do before the operation:

1-Blood thinners or other drugs that prevent clotting should not be used.

2-Due to the blood thinning effect of alcohol, it should be stopped 1 week before the operation.

3-The nicotine found in cigarettes has many bad effects on the body. This is why smoking should be lessened or stopped 1 week before the operation.

4- Supplementary vitamins (such as vitamin B, vitamin E, and multivitamins) used should be stopped. Because, considering the effect of these supplements they can increase bleeding, which poses a risk for the operation.

5- The patient should relax and not do any hard activity one week before the operation. For this, exercises such as bodybuilding or strenuous heavy work should be stopped if possible.

6- Before the operation, caffeine and nicotine should not be used as much as usually consumed or possibly stopped.

Things to do on the day of the operation:

1-Hair should be washed on the day of the operation.

2- Before the operation, styling sprays and jelly should not be applied to the hair.

3- No medications should be applied to the scalp or hair.

4- Comfortable clothes should be worn on the day of the operation such as a shirt with a buttoned front.

5- You should arrive on a full stomach on the day of the operation.


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