Dandruff and Hair Transplant

If you are noticing some white flakes coming off of your hair you might be experiencing dandruff. Even after hair transplant some patients still experience this situation.

Can dandruff harm my newly transplanted hair?

Usually, after hair transplant, it is expected to experience this condition because of the micro-wounds that are formed during hair transplant. It is very important to wash away all dead skin and scabs after the wounds heal. This condition can be a problem for many patients and it can hinder hair growth. Trying to scrape it off your head might cause hair loss.

Does Dandruff go away with time on its own?

It is not certain that dandruff goes away on its own, you should watch your diet and maybe take some supplements to help you overcome this problem. After a hair transplant operation, you should eat more of the following foods:

Veggies, fruit, Lean meat, fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Scalps that are excessively dry or greasy can cause this condition.

Can I have hair transplant if I have this condition?

Dandruff is built up from skin cells, because of the overproduction of the skin, then it becomes from any physical trauma
Avoid exposing your head to direct sunlight
Make sure you relax the first week and do not put any pressure on your body

How to get rid of Dandruff and Scabs after hair transplant?

Protect your scalp from any sort of impact. Experiencing scabs after the hair transplant operation is very normal and it must be treated correctly or it will add to the already existing dandruff in your head. Wounds after hair transplant should heaş within a week or two, but the scabs will not disappear on their own. After the operation, we will provide you with a shampoo for the aftercare and you will need to start using it daily, 3 days after the surgery for at least one week, this will help in removing the scabs without damaging hair follicles and eliminate dandruff. You should never scratch your head for the first two weeks to not interfere with the recovery process.

Experiencing dandruff is very normal and common after hair transplant, with the proper care. For more information, you can contact our Estevetalya Antalya hair transplant clinic and send us your hair photos so we can analyze your condition and provide you with the guidance you need throughout your hair transplant journey.

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