Protect The Hair Transplant Area

Protect The Hair Transplant Area

Trauma After Hair Transplantation

During hair transplantation, minor trauma occurs during the transfer of hair follicles. When the hair follicle is placed into a new area, it experiences trauma until it adapts to that area. Hair loss can be seen because of this kind of trauma and shedding after hair transplantation is a completely normal situation. However other factors can also cause trauma.

Factors triggering trauma to the hair transplantation area

Many factors can cause trauma to the transplantation. Among them, the most common one is physical trauma. For example, banging the head while getting into the vehicle after hair transplantation can cause negative effects. Another factor that triggers hair trauma is weather conditions. Too cold or too hot weather, wind or rain can affect adversely. Moreover, rubbing the transplantation area against the pillow or wearing a beanie while sleeping can cause trauma.

 How to take care of hair after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the person can go home immediately. To avoid hair trauma, after hair transplantation, wearing hats is not recommended. The patient should also avoid sudden movements. For example, stopping suddenly while driving can lead the body to bend forward and cause trauma. For this reason, driving a car after hair transplantation is not recommended. Weather conditions play a significant role as well. It is not recommended to go out in bad weather (rainy, windy, snowy). After hair transplantation, the transplantation area should be protected from physical trauma. Extra care must be taken. Also, the patient should avoid rubbing the transplantation area against a pillow.

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