The Importance Of Hair In Different Cultures

The Importance Of Hair In Different Cultures

In every culture throughout history, hair has been a very important factor in people’s looks it is an important element that determines personal status as well as aesthetic looks.

In ancient Egypt, hair represented strength and dignity. Men took care of their hair for a strong dominant image. It has even been thought that wigs were made for men with hair loss.

In Mesopotamian civilizations, hair determined social status. Men gave importance to their hair to show their place in society.

In Indian culture, it has been believed that hair has energy and is loaded with mystical properties,they thought that their hair determined the energy lines of the universe.

In Chinese culture, hair has been a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. It has been the beauty of their hair that determines the attractiveness of both men and women.

Men and women have always grown their hair long because hair represents power in European communities. They created an element of power by adorning them with braids. Especially when we looked at Viking men, it is seen that their hair is long and braided, which is purely to show power to the enemy. They have made the accessories attached to the hair an element of power.
When we look at ancient Greece, we can see that hair expresses freedom. Philosophers living in ancient Greece proclaimed their free thoughts by growing their hair long. Even in mythology, a lot of emphases was placed on hair. The hair of the gods in Greek Mythology is depicted as strong and shiny. This also represents reputation.

In the old Turkish culture, men thought that the length of their hair affected their warrior identity. Shamanism, one of the old Turkish beliefs, has also been effective in the importance of hair. The ancient Turks valued women very much and thought that they were very strong. For this reason, male shamans thought that women’s strength came from their long hair and they grew their hair long. According to shamanism, hair had magical power. Even shamans wore feathers in their hair because they compared the spirit to a bird. In this way, the length of their hair would make them spiritually strong.

In Native American culture, hair represented the soul. They believed that the soul reaches out with the help of hair, and therefore they always grow their hair long.

Hair has always maintained its importance from past to present.
Today, hair represents health and youth. Having less hair, indicates weakness and shedding is a sign that the person is unhealthy. Therefore, hair loss has become a medical problem.

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