Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these!

Did you know that some foods can cause hair loss?
Both female and male patterns of hair loss are mostly caused by genetics, but an unhealthy diet can accelerate hair loss. So what are the foods that cause hair loss?

A healthy diet rich in nutrients have an important role in strengthening your hair. This does not mean that all hair problems can be eliminated with a good diet because genetics and hormones play the most important role in hair loss.

The foods that can cause hair loss are very similar to those recommended by health experts and dietitians. Below is a list of foods that can cause hair loss;

hair transplantation salt
Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these! 6


Consuming a lot of salt have a negative effect on your hair and your heart and can cause hypertension. Salt can weaken the structure of the hair follicles and lead to dry hair which slows down hair growth and accelerates hair loss.

hair transplant sugar
Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these! 7


Overconsumption of sugar increases stress levels in the body and reduces vitamins B and E. which in turn causes hair loss.

hair transplant al
Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these! 8


Alcohol is bad not only for your hair but also for your overall health. Overconsumption of alcohol causes dehydration in the scalp and hair follicles, which makes them more fragile and prone to break or fall. Also, alcohol consumption can lower the absorption of vital nutrients such as zinc which is very important for hair health.

hair transplant fish
Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these! 9

Mercury In Fish and Seafood

Fish is a very healthy food rich in protein and healthy fats. The problem with fish is with big fishes such as bluefin tuna or swordfish is that it usually have concentrations of mercury, which causes many health problems including hair loss. However, in order for this to have a negative affect on your health you will need to eat large amounts of fish or seafood on a regular basis.

hair transplant fatty food
Foods that cause hair loss: do NOT eat these! 10

Fatty Foods

Fatty and greasy fast foods have high levels of sugar, fat and salt in them. Especially fried food and processed food. All of them stimulate the production of testosterone with in turn stimulates the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is directly linked to hair loss and baldness.

Some cold meat increases fat and cholesterol levels and stimulates the production of testosterone. Also having too much fat in your diet increases your risk of having an excess of sebum in the scalp which in turn affects hair follicle functions.
Generally, the most important thing is to have a well-balanced diet rich in fresh and healthy foods and minimize unhealthy foods for better and healthier hair.

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